Here we will talk about “The Steve Jobs” better known as a revolution in the information technology.Steve Paul Jobs was born to undergraduates of Wisconsin University , Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah “John” Jandali on Feb, 24 1955 in San Francisco, California. The two put up their child for adoption. Steve Jobs was then adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs a middle class couple. The family resided in Mountain View, Silicon Valley surrounded by engineers  working on electronics in their garages on weekends. The surrounding was the main reason for his extreme interest in electronic engineering. At the age of 13, he met his future partner Steve Wozniak and both share passion for electronics.

Five years later, Job dropped his college in between and moved to a hippie community in Oregon and pursued cultivation of apples. After a few months he returned back to California and started taking interest in his friend Steve Woz’s activities and personal computing.

It was Steve who adviseWoz to sell his brilliant invention of a computer board relevant for computer hobbyists. and both founded “Apple Computers” on April 1, 1976.Woznaik was of the view that a much better computer that could support color graphics with much more powerful system could be hugely successful. In a look or venture capitalists. They found an angel in the form of Mike Markkula former Intel executive who was a big believer in the personal computing, agreed to invest $2,50,000 in Apple in January, 1977. On a meeting with two young founders of Apple, Mike commented that the Company has the potential to be one of the Fortune 500 in next couple of years.

With the launch of apple II, the Apple founders ncluding Steve Job became millionaires. The spreadsheet “VisiCalc” gained a paramount success. In the rising stock, Apple decided to go public in Dec 1980 and that made Steve Job net worth rose to over 200 million at the age of just 25.

Steve was also blessed with a daughter named Lisa from his ex- girlfriend Chrisann, but to her he denied paternity. But he chooses the name for his next line computer as Lisa Computers.

In 1985, Board decided to go with Scully whom Steve himself had bought to assist him on the  Macintosh Project and announced reorganization by taking out Steve from all operational duties.  Steve finally resigned from Apple and sold all but one of his shares in Apple.

Thereafter he established Pixarfocused on delivering hig  end computer graphics, 3D rendering software and gained back his momentum in the industry with the release of the movie Toy story in 1995 and public issue. This public issue brought him money equivalent to five times what he had earned while at Apple.

In 1997, Steve was again invited by Apple who bought Pixar for a woomph $400 million and Steve is back into the Company, he once founded.  With the products like iMac, Mac OS X, iPhones, itunes, ipods and others, Apple was a success once again.

Jobs made his last public appearance in June, 2011 announcing his next plan for Apple, the new ‘Spaceship’ campus. And in Aug, 2011 he stepped down as CEO of the company and handed over the role to Tim Cook, the now CEO of Apple. L

Died on 5th Oct, 2011, a wonderful charismatic soul took leave from the planet.


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