Stockton next station for Google Barge?


It seems that Google is on a roll. Google Barge will be hovering on the skies of Stockton. Google’s plan to shift their celebrated barge is on a holiday it seems. It is sitting pretty next to Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay. Richmond, Calif., the city council member named Tom Butt spoke to CNET about this technical giant being on the verge of getting shifted to Stockton, Calif.. It is located ideally on the San Francisco Bay Delta. The best part is that Stockton lies beyond the jurisdiction of the BDFC. It clearly means that Google will not have to sit idly for getting any permission from the state.

 Time is short. If Google fails to shift this barge project within 35 days, then Google may have to bear the financial penalties. Google is not that kind of company. It will surely come out triumphant, slowly but surely. We wish Google all the luck!


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