HTML that stands for Hyper Text Mark Up Language the widely used language used to create documents on the World Wide Web. HTML is the copyright of Tim Berners-Lee who is the founder author of HTML. At that time Tim was employed in a computing service section with CERN, a European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, Switzerland.

In developing HTML Mr. Lee was assisted by his colleagues at CERN. He realized that there should be a route by which various research documents easily downloadable as a file on individual computer screen  can be linked in the files themselves, enabling the cross reference form one file to another. This simply means that one will be able to jump onto another document or another part of the same document while reading or working on one document with the help of link.

Tim had an idea that this could be done with the help of hypertext that is a  way of linking documents together with the use of  buttons or links on the screen. Tim started working on this project even before he joined CERN and developed his very first document production and processing hypetextsytem ‘Enquire’ in the year 1980.

Tim wasassisted by his colleagues at CERN in developing HTML from a prototype written by him in the year 1992. Tim invented prototype Web browser on the NeXT computer was released in the year 1990. Tim based his invented HTML on SGML (Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language) an international standard for marking up languages.

An open discussion starts taking place about HTML all over the internet in the year 1991.Since then many new updated versions of HTML including HTML+, HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, HTML 4.0, have already been launched introducing new features of world wide web.

To remind: Tim is now posted as director of WWWC, (World Wide Web Consortium), an organization responsible for developing guidelines and protocols in order to ensure the long term growth of the web.


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