Studies reveal certain battery consuming apps


Apps are apps for those who are obsessed with it. But on a research the cat is now out of the bag. There are some apps which devours your battery life. These apps are no doubt appealing, but they suck life blood of the mobile like vampires. KS Mobile who gave us Battery Doctor app studied and brought out the vile phenomenon. This is terrible because apps are generally the most sought after items. The study revealed that the Camera 360 Ultimate (8a camera app) tops the list. There are twists in the story. Microsoft’s app too proved to be a vampire. You phone’s battery is getting lifeless day by day if you are using these applications.

 The Widget, EZ Weather Forecast, TV and movies app Viki, Zello PTT (a walkie-talkie app) and so on are some of names of the vampire apps. Game lovers must note that games like Racing Moto and Fruit Ninja are also in the list. Buying different for different games and apps and uses seems a probable option left. Till you buy, do not let the vampires attack your phone battery.


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