Talks of futurity on the lips of Imagination, Apple’s most-trusted graphics tech supplier


Apple’s graphics chip tech supplier, Imagination, is eyeing the future. It is thinking about GPUs’ future association with CNET. The executive vice president and COO (Imagination Technologies), John Metcalfe, had a brief session with CNET. He expressed his eagerness to eye the future. Apple has been an Imagination’s graphic chip loyalist since long. Apple uses it very frequently in its iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina. Metcalfe maintained that the next GPU (PowerVR Series6XT) will be focusing on improvement with regards to performance. He opined that since high-end smartphones are not in abundance and so it becomes necessary to pump them up with more power.

It is quite clear that Imagination wants to climb the ladder of success and performance. Apple is quite fortunate to have such a graphics chip tech supplier that never sits down thinking that it is the best. Well, at present the tech world is facing cut-throat competition and this case is no exception. Imagination must stand up and deliver as always.


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