With the internet bubble luring one and sundry, tech companies have become a norm of the day. There are tech companies a dime a dozen everywhere and such is the reach and scope of the internet that almost all are able to sustain themselves and some even go out to make the founders billionaires.

Usually tech companies start small. An idea is conceived and funds are generated. Funds may come from venture capitalists or angel investors who pump in initial money known as seed capital, for a stake in the equity. But usually, it’s the founder who funds the start of a tech company. Depending upon your idea, you will get investors. The brighter and unique the idea, the sooner and more the amount of investors you will get.

With the internet creating millions of opportunities, the need for smaller companies who could do the job work also arose. Tech companies are of two types basically, the ones with a new idea and the others who do job works for bigger companies. In each field there is a lot of scope for tech companies as the demand is constant and even rising, especially in developing countries where the labour is cheap and work is being outsourced from developed countries.

Classic examples of tech companies which started from a garage or a small redundant place and grew to become a household name are facebook, Nokia and Hotmail.


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