Tech Gifts:- LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle: Light in The Box


A very unique tech gadget made especially to light up your kitchen or washroom. Tp give these spaces in your home a touch of technology, this LED faucet nozzle makes the water change its colour instantly and automatically as and when it leaves faucet.
A very environment friendly product needs no battery and is charged up with the pressure of water. The changed water colour gives you a very different feeling. The LED hanges it colur based on water temperature i.e. blue at under 31C, pink in between 32-38C, turns red in between 39- 45C and red flashes when above 45C. Comes with a chrome finishing, a 3.4*6.5 cm easy to install the product is priced at $ 3.90.

see more…http://goo.gl/520Aqu


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