Ten Interesting Facts about Steve Jobs


1. Personality Traits:-

Jobs is always known for his aggressive personality and ferocious management style and in 1993 named in Fortune’s list of America’s Toughest Bosses.

2. Salary On record:-

Out of paper computations, Steve Jobs as Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. earned only $1 a year.

3.  As a student:-

As a student of Reed Collegefor around one year it was Calligraphy that attracted him the most in subjects.

4. Not a born Millionaire:-

He was not born as millionaire and infact pursued a miserable bottle collecting job that hardly earned him a decent meal once a week.

5. His biological sister:-

Mona Simpson the famous author is his biological sister whom he met only at the age of 27 years. She briefed him a lot about their parents.

6. Followed Buddhism:-

Steve follows Buddhism and inspired to become a monk in one of his visits to India, 1974 and also got his head shaved.

7. Steve Job rediscovered himself with his stake in Disney:-

The purchase of Pixar for $ 10mn in 1986 was a disaster initially. It was only after his collaboration with Disney, that his fortune changes with the animated movies.

8.  Philanthropy:-

Jobs stopped all his philanthropic moves after he resumed Apple in 1997 as CEO saying that they need to wait until we are profitable againbt never resumed.

9. A Pescetarian:-

Most surprising, Steve Job was a Pescetarian meaning he does not eat meat except fish.

10.On the deathbed:-

Steve Jobs didn’t wear the oxygen masks when he was on deathbed excusing that he didn’t at all like the design of it.

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