Ten Open Sources for Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management open source software’s are specially designed to organize and streamline a particular company’s human resource. HR functions like promotions, management of performance, compensation, managing relations, payroll, planning, and retirement can be managed by HRM software’s. Here are few software’s explained below.
PeopleSoft: It is an oracle’s HR software designed specially to address complex requirements in their field. It provides web service integration to fulfill the requirement
Lawson software: Lawson is a Human Capital Management System that provide complete picture of your work force. It also provides tools that combine people, strategy and execution.
Sage Abra HRMS:This software is so called because it used Sage Abra HRMS technology. It makes sure strong control over employee information. Better control of streamlining of recruiting practices, monitoring of events and many more are provided from this software.

SPECTRUM Human Resource System Corporations: It runs all the function of HR in one single web based software. It is totally different from all other system mainly due to database structure.
UltiPro: It is one of the ultimate software in offering out-of-the box facility for strategic HR, talent management and payroll.
Taleo Business Edition Solution: This software is best suited for medium and small business. It is talent and hiring management.
Halogen Software Inc: Tools required for extracting professional employee are provided in Halogen Software. Several procedure like employee review, feedback procedure and compensation adjustment are computerize in this software.
Perfecthr: It minimizes the time required for managing employee data. It is purely online system that allows job history, training records and attendance tracking in a short period of time.
Attend HRM: This software is build by Lenvica Software Technologies and it is a unique attendance system
Adrenalin: It is utilized for recruiting talent and aligning those employees with organization’s objective. It is one of the essential Human Capital Management Software.


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