Ten Safe and Interactive Social Networking Platforms for Kids:


Ten Safe and Interactive Social Networking Platforms for Kids:
Today even the kids are no apart from social networking sites. These socil anetwork pltforms have much become a regular part of our lives. But, one cannot ignore most of these sites are not appropriate for our kids below 18. Considering the fact, some of them have infact set a minimum eligibility age for their membership. However, today we will present to you some safe an dinteractive social network sites meant for kids especially. Pl. take a look and share with your children and allow them to have the feel of connected world:-


1. Everloop (

Developed by three business women who were concerned about the social life of their kids, Everloop meant especially for the kids aged under 13 gives a very safe platform for the kids to create groups and engage online. Simultaneously a parent is also given a link to create a Parent account to keep a check on their children activity.


2. Scuttlepad (
Meant for the children aged 6-11. A child is allowed to create an account using his/her parent’s email Id. A parent has to confirm and verify to let their children allow. All basic social networking sites features are available for a child.


3. Yoursphere (
Created by Mary Kay Hoal bing a mother of five knows about child online safety a lot. The site allows children under 18 to engage online with their friends having similar interests. The site also provides a blog to a child so that he/she may express himself/herself better.


4. Kidzvuz (
Created with a Youtube like concept, the site mainly focuses on videos. The parents have to confirm and verify their children details to allow them to create on account. A child can upload, download, share, like andcomment on various videos concerning technology, games, television, movies, books, sports etc.


5. Foozkids (
A very typical kids website made in 36 different languages and operating in 56 different countries is a parent controlled website where kids can do anything in a super moniteerd environment. A paid website that costs around $69.99 a year is really worth it.


6. Ohanarama (
A site that focuses on educating kids with the help of interactive games is a site that anyone can join. There are different age groups below 13, 13 to 18 and 18+. The safety standards will be set accordingly.


7. Kids Social Network (
A very very safe site for kids having all the features of a social networking site that can be completed controlled by the parents who can have full access to their child profile.

8. Whatswhat (
Launched in U.S. made for U.S. kids, is a socialnetworking site that charges a one time fees of $0.01 for verifying the consent of parents. The site minimizes the chances of fake accounts to a great extent.


9. Franktownrocks (
Especially made for music passionate kids is a site that allows children to learn music form their member friends. Anyone can enjoy basic features for sure but for using the special features one has to buy a membership strating from a monthly rent of $5.99 to a lifetime membership of $ 129.

10. Gianthello (
The site has highly strict standards for a child aged under 13 online safety. Parents who are not happy with the sites like Myspace or Facebook, can offer their children Gianthello as an alternative. Very enjoyable for kids with strict standards, one can connect with friends via an email


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