The Endless Runner: Temple Run OZ


Imangi Studios teamed up with Disney to provide this third adaptation of the particularly well-liked temple run game set in the “Land of OZ” where you get to collect coins while evading killer flowers, steering clear of flying monkeys and merciless baboons. With a mildly difficult level of play, this is still one of the most extremely addictive runner styles of games. Despite the overwhelming amount of focus required to slide, jump, turn and avoid the obstacles, you will want to play another round every time you “die” in the game. Now you can run as China Girl, change up OZ in different costumes, discover diverse locations, collect more coins and test your reflexes.


Though an app franchise now, the game in latest version inspired by Temple Run 2 and the film Oz: the Great and Powerful, tries do away with the flaws of the last two versions to truly create one of the best temple run games yet, loaded with unbelievably dramatic graphics. Though hard to master, this game sure does manages to keep your heart pumping as your score and speed increases.


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