Tim Cook retorts “get out of Apple stock” to those opposing Apple’s environmental initiatives


A cool, calm and composed Cook never feels the heat. As the CEO of Apple, he remains in a flamboyant mood. He believes in keeping it cool. On Friday, at a meeting of the Apple’s annual shareholders, Cook exploded when a suggestion to give up Apple’s environmental initiatives reached his ears. The suggestion came from a Washington D.C-based conservative. The center named as the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) is not too happy about the state of affairs related to Apple’s love for green energy.

The organization seems a bit annoyed because of Cook’s employing of the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson. The General Counsel (NCPPR) Justin Danhof said that they object the government’s control over the products and operations of the company. Cook retorted and reminded that he is not in a mood to get swayed away by the demands of shareholders, especially of those who have ulterior motives. The final verdict came thus (from Cook): whoever thinks that the environmental initiatives are wrong on ideological and economical grounds, they can very willingly “get out of the stock.”


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