Top 10 Tech Brands in the world


Brand management firm, Interbrand recently published a list about “top 100 brands in the world”. The top seed has been now acclaimed by Apple which was dominated by Coca Cola for last thirteen years. Here is the list of ten most valuable brands in the world:


1. Apple

With a brand value of $98.3 billion, Apple is on the top place. The market value of Apple has increased by 28 percent from last year.


2.  Google

The king of internet is also a king in brand value. With a brand value of $93.9 billion, Google sits on the second place.


3. IBM

IBM has a total brand value worth $78.8 billion and it has maintained its last year’s position. The company enjoys an increment of 4 percent in its market value.


4.  Microsoft

The leading technology company Microsoft has also improved its brand value by one position. The company has a total brand value of $59.5 billion, 3 percent higher than last year.


5.  Samsung

Samsung has arrived as a big name in SmartPhone market and currently the company is on 5th place with total brand value of 39.6 billion.


6.  Intel

Intel has also managed to improve its brand value but experienced 5 percent loss in its market value. The company currently has a brand value worth $37.2 billion.


7.  Cisco

With a net worth $29.1 billion, the company has improved its position by 7 places.


8.  HP

HP has a brand value worth $25.8 billion and is sitting on 8th position in global brand value.


9.  Oracle

Oracle was on 18th place the last year and enjoyed a good improvement in its brand value. The company has a total brand value worth $24.1 billion.


10.  Amazon

With a brand value worth $23.6 billion, Amazon is the 10th largest organization in the world.


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