Top 10 tech failures of the last decade


Last decade has made a great impact on tech world, giving one better than other technologies to folks. But there are some hidden failures that you might be unaware of. Here is a list:

Microsoft Windows Me: Released in 2000, Windows ME can be considered the worst OS of windows. It failed due to very limited features and complicacy.

Sega Dreamcast: PlayStation 2 and Xbox were the biggest reason behind the failure of this gaming console.

Microsoft’s Tablet PC: Tablet PCs were new in the market and their complicacy put the last nail in coffin. Microsoft’s Tablet PC too failed due to this reason.

Nokia N-Gage: Mistakes like cramped screen, high battery consumption and sideway orientation resulted in a big failure of this gaming console.

HD-DVD: HD-DVD started off brilliantly, but was out-marketed by Blue Ray. Started in 2006, it died in 2008.

Windows Vista: Software incompatibilities, various performance issues, and higher power consumption resulted in the failure of this high-profiled operating system.

MySpace: Until 2008, MySpace was the leading name in social networking. But Facebook out-marketed it very soon and MySpace could not recover after that.

Google Wave and Google Buzz: These Google products could never attain the popularity of its flagship due to high market competition.


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