Top 5 from Fedora Linux 18 Spherical Cow


Let’s have a look at the 5 notable new featured of the final version of Fedora Linux 18 “Spherical Cow”, a free community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which made its long-awaited unveiling after several delays. This leading edge distribution with its focus on business features is available on the project site for free download.

  1. The MATE desktop: The is perfect for Users of Fedora 18, as they are lined up for an array of desktops choices from Xfce 4.10, KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.9, Cinnamon to GNOME 3.6.
  2. ‘Secure Boot’ support: Its UEFI Secure Boot support, can boot on systems that have Secure Boot enabled with tools that allow administrators to create custom certificates to sign local changes to GRUB or the kernel.
  3.  Anaconda Rewritten: A wider range of users can easily use the rewritten version of Fedora’s Anaconda installer with improved visual    experience with options like the hub and spoke model to offer users crisp clarification about their choices.
  4. Samba 4: This is the latest version of the suite of tools that provide file- and print-sharing services in heterogeneous OS environments while also further introducing the first free and open source implementation of Active Directory protocols.
  5. Eucalyptus: Making its debut in Fedora 18, it includes the cloud software’s 3.2 release, OpenStack’s Folsom release and version 3.1 of the oVirt engine.

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