Top 5 Java Programming Books


Java books retain its importance just because of two main reasons. The first thing is they are written by authors who have authority in Java and secondly they try to cover the subject with more explanations and details. Here are the top 5 Java programming books.

  • Effective Java: Most of the students enjoy Effective Java since it is one of the top books. It is best suited for experience programmer who has good experience in java programming. Learner can sharp their skills by following this book. Effective Java scores high on quality content and style of explanation.
  • Concurrency Practice in Java: It is a classic book written by Doug Lea, Joshua Bloch and team.  It is best in multi threading and concurrency and also essential book for core Java developers. Focuses on concurrency issues and problem instead of core Java classes.
  • Java Generics and Collections: It is written by Philip Wadler and Naftalin. Content and Generics are core areas of Java programming language which is explained in well manner. It illustrates each of the collection interfaces.
  • Java performance: It is a book written by Binu John. It provides details about Garbage collection, JVM, Java heap monitoring. Intermediates and beginner programmer both can be benefited from this book.
  • Java Puzzlers: It is another popular book written by Joshua Bloch with Neal Gafter. The book mainly deals with corner cases and pitfalls in Java programming. Compared to C++ and JVM, Java is more secure and safe.

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