With softwares available for any and every possible thing these days, how could DJing be left behind. With the art of DJ becoming so popular the world over, there are ample softwares to cater to a DJ’s needs like mixing and sound quality enhancement. Here is a list of top 10 best softwares for DJ


Launched in 2011, this program has seen many upgrades. Traktor Pro 2  is a smooth program which works real fast. It is known world over for its range of effects such as delay, reverb and flanger. In addition one can also locate the beats on a track through beatgrid. Currently available for around US$ 89, it is the fastest selling of the lot.


From the house of NCH Softwares, a company making softwares since 1993, Zulu also ranks pretty high. Its friendly user face makes it very easy to operate and the great range of features makes it a DJ’s best buddy. At US $ 39, it is a great program to purchase.


Mix vibes pro is a great program for budding DJ’s. It features quantization, multi effects and a four channel fader. The beatgrid is known for its easy use. With great internal recording features and a price tag of US$ 49 makes it a good purchase.


Used by some of the top DJ’s of the world, Serato is great DJ software. The coolest features in this program is that the virtual vinyl on the screen turns at the exact same rate as the actual vinyl in your setup, with a line indicating where it is in the track. This feature also reduces the lag time while scratching. The best part about this program is that it comes for Free. Though it can be utilized on high end $1000 plus devices.

Often an underrated program, Virtual DJ Pro is a great software for video mixing. It allows you to operate four decks at one go and also the rewire feature is pretty competitive. It works seamlessly with iTunes and allows you to edit playlist in a much better and easier way than other softwares. It comes with a price tag of around US $ 299.


For 3 USD for unlimited features, DJ Promixer NB is a sure shot hit. It’s easy to use interface and excellent grid features along with low space requirements make it a nice program to have especially for the budding DJ’s.


The latest to rock the DJ industry, Ableton is the latest kid on the block making waves. Its top features include the incomparable Audio Warp functions, which are yet to be seen in any other programs. Its audio to midi conversion is hard to match, as it operates three unique algorithms.


A program which helps DJ’s especially playing on the much sold Pioneer systems, Rekorder box is known for its easy to use functions. Basically for the beginners, it has all the basic features which enable u to add and take from a beat.


Ultramixer comes free for the basic version but needs a fee for the pro version. It has all the features like a graphical waveform, 2 playlist, waitlist, mix recording and Automatic gain control.



Dss DJ is one of the best software to play digital music. It lets you play with the music and the beats in endless ways. Sound creation options let anyone become a DJ.



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