Information Technology is treated as the base for the survival in the present market. Alongwith it has become necessary to keep a track of technology which is changing and advancing every minute. Today we are about to discuss the Top 10 universities for studying Information Technology and the related discipline in America. These IT schoolsoffer a cutting edge and stand out as outstanding in the IT discipline. 

Lets’ take a look at the best IT Universities ranked in the Top 10 list of America’s technology universities:-

  1. 1.       Stanford University:-The University has also been ranked as the 3rd best in Engineering and IT by QT World Universities 2009 survey and is recognized as one of the world’s leading research institutions.


  1. West Point:-The University has ranked as No. 1 on Forbes 2009 list of America’s best colleges and maintains a dress code, a military service and the nation’s best IT programs.


  1. Indiana University:-For its one of  a kind IT curriculum, the University has also been chosen for a  $ 10 million dollar IT and life sciences grant from the National Science Foundation and be counted in ta state of the art infrastructure equipped with world clash forefront over the next few years for cloud


  1. Carnegie Mellon University:- Established in the year 1990 at Pitsburgh offering  a specialized course in Computing and Information Technology amongst others that best facilitate a student career.


  1. 5.       Massachusetts Institute of Technology:-Ranked as No. 1 in U.S. News & World Report list of best IT schools, MIT allows its students to learn from the contemporary problem solving techniques. MIT’s IT business courses are recognized in the list of U.S. top 10 IT


  1. Virginia Tech:-Established in Blacksburg, Virginia Tech offers a tech oriented curriculum which students can directly apply in the business world with much stress on Maths and computer systems.‎,


  1. Brigham Young University: Basically a religion- based university Brigham Young University offers IT courses on two lines i.e. IT business and IT learning to enable students to learn developing, designing, implementing with overall management of information technology


  1. University of California, Berkley:-Famous alumni includes Steve Wozniak- cofounder Apple Inc.. Eric Schmidt- CEO Google, University of California ranked amongst the Top 10 list of U.S. best colleges for IT programs is responsible for lots of development in the digital technology.


  1. 9.       Cornell University: Best known for its computer science programs the university has also co-sponsored various academics in Information Science, Systems, and Engineering Technology and is ranked amongst the top 10 U.S. colleges for best IT programs in computer systems.


  1. 10.   Princeton University:-With notable space in Forbs list of U.S. top college for IT programs Princeton University is the bringing up behind various tech wizards in computer science.

The above list has been compiled from various web results!!

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