Twitter suffers a setback, but is hopeful to resurface


It’s ‘do or die’ situation for Twitter. The user growth recorded a very slow rise and it led to the drop in the stock after few hours. Twitter is admitting that the inclusion of some good features centering on the user experience so that the new users get to stay. The shares of Twitter feel down like a tall building collapsing. The worry seems to rise slowly, but surely. But, hope is the only option left. The CEO Dick Costolo is quite hopeful and is bent upon taking some very important and major initiatives so that things get easier for all the new users. The earnings reports revealed that Twitter did a handsome $243 million in the 4th quarter.

The company is in reality confessing to the problems related to the new users. It is not denying the fact whatsoever. Costolo is now gearing up for a rebound so that Twitter touches sky heights within few sunrises. Well, you can hope that the Sun shall rise very clearly, with no clouds for the Twitter.


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