With cyber warfare being the latest name of the game, every nation worth its penny is trying to up their ante on this front.. United Kingdom is not behind in its endeavor to upgrade its cyber warfare capabilities.

Since the U.K. government strongly believes that China and Russia are instrumental in brazen cyber attacks on the British properties the government has sounded the bugle by investing 650 million pounds under the Cyber Security Strategy Scheme. Conservative Defence Secretary Philip Hammond recently said that his government is going on an overdrive to recruit computer specialists to defend their core infrastructure against cyber threats.

The British defense agencies realise the vulnerability of their defence against cyber attacks jamming their nuclear and communication hardware. Till now, the main U.K. spy agency, the GCQH is relying heavily on their American counterparts for around 60 percent of their refined intelligence data. The U.S. equivalent agency, the NSA has been regularly funding the GCQH for system upgardation and data generation.

The British agencies have realised this over dependence on the other parties and have decided to pull up their socks. Premier institutes like Oxford and Royal Holloway Universities have been granted 7.5 million pounds to fund their quest for developing country’s online security.

U.K. is cautious about perceived threats not only on its military but also financial and business houses. This has led to an all out effort to better their cyber warfare capabilities.


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