Scenes out of a Sci-Fi movie might become a reality, with robots being developed by some countries which can fight and take actions on their own. This has become a concern for authorities in the United Nations Human Rights Commission, which wants that these robots, which are lethal and autonomous, must be regulated before they become weapons of mass destruction.

A report which was debated recently at Geneva by the Human Rights Council, states that counties like United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Israel and South Korea already possess these robots which have been termed as LARS ( Lethal Autonomous Robotics). The main concern for the council is the ability of these robots to identify and eliminate their targets without human input.

Authored by Christof Heyns, a South African human rights professor, the report asks for regulations to govern such technology and until then to pass a moratorium amongst the countries developing this technology, on “testing, production, transfer, assembly acquisition and deployment”.

Associated Press states that the report specifically identifies robotics developed by these countries like the Phalanx system for Aegis-class cruisers developed by the United States, which automatically identifies and engages antiship aircrafts. Similarly, Israel’s Harpy, U.K’s Taranis and South Korea’s Samsung Techwin surveillance system are specifically identified as LARS by the report.

The main point put forth by the report is, that machines lack human compassion and intuition which are qualities which play important role in decisions to kill. Employing these machines would take humans further away from decisions to kill and their execution.

Human Rights activists are already protesting use of LARS worldwide and the use of unmanned aircrafts known as Drones by the U.S.A. are already a hot topic at world level.


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