Use of Technology in our life: Positive and Negative side


Technology has become an inseparable part of our life today. We can find technology and its use everywhere in the current economy. Simply stated, technology is the knowledge and use of equipment, tools, techniques, systems or methods to make our life easier.

However, the opposite is also becoming true and we are getting habitual of using technology to our disadvantage by consuming more stress and related sufferings.  With the development and growth in technology, we are infect moving in wrong direction. Today we are living lives of 10 people simultaneously. No doubt we are able to generate a lot of information with the advancement of technology. But this advancement has also changed the way we consume information. We just go on taking bundle of information at once without further processing it for new use.

In a way to some extent technology has failed in its mission of making our lives simpler and less stressful. But the beneficial use of technology is also in our hands only. Here the art to be learned is if we can master the use of technology to our greatest advantage that is to impact other life positively we are heading in right direction and can greatly benefit others.


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