Wats Not so impressive about Android: Nokia’s perspective


One question that came into everyone’s mind is Why Nokia, which was counted as one of the mobile handset manufacturer in the world, has not considered Android that has established itself in the market of operating system, as a part of its mobile phone. Today, we are giving you a analysis of the reasons that made Nokia choose Windows as its operating system over Android:-

  • Mutual Contract with Microsoft:- There has been signed a long term partnership contract with Microsoft, wherein Microsoft is supporting Nokia financially to help it come out of the transition smoothly with a considerable minority stake in the Company. Microsoftsees Nokia as a huge platform to advertise Windows 8 and to Nokia, Microsoft seems  a better long term partner which can spend endless amount for this platform to succeed.
  • Nokia already had its own Nokia Belle that feels a lot like Android itself:- Nokia Belle, the latest version of their own Symbian eels like the customized version of Android. Obviously, with Nokia Belle, why would Nokia go on spending a huge amount to load Android on their phones when they can make it itself without much effort.
  • To stand out in the competition: - To be successful, with Android, Samsung and Apple is the only OEM that has seen continued success while all other HTC, Sony, LG are found struggling. I this competitive market, where being different is the mantra to success. So adopting Windows can be seen as a way to stand out in the competitive phone market. Now Nokia is known as the best windows based smartphones manufacturer.
  • Windows 8/ Xbox is a horse to bet on:- With tag of Microsoft, Windows  8 that is already doing great on laptops and pc can be seen as a potential bet in the area of web search, music store, tablets.
  • Adopting Android would have gone a lot expensive:-Implementation of android would have incurred huge cost toNokia in terms of developers charges, Microsoft licensing fees for IPRs. While by being with Windows, Nokia is infact getting money from Microsoft.

This is not the right time to judge Nokia’s choice of Windows over Android. All eyes on future.


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