what does cloud computing mean exactly


A cloud computing system is a limitless application, providing the user with the ease of accessing their data and apps at anytime and anywhere by using any computer with an access to internet. Let’s look at it this way, local computing means storing data or running programs from your computer’s hard drive or another local network and that it how individuals and businesses have traditionally functioned for decades. On the other hand cloud computing would not rely on a dedicated hardware in a home or office network but utilize the internet to provide you access to your data or run your programs, by synchronizing your data with other information over the web. In fact one of the best examples of a cloud computing service commonly used by us is the Google Drive, where you can use a multitude of apps, store massive amount of data online and access them on a range of devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Some of the merits to cloud computing are its cost effective nature, unlimited storage capacity, ease in access, backup and recovery and automated software integration which means users such as small businesses would save money on IT support; lesser investment in advanced hardware and software license and removing the need for physical space for servers and digital storage devices. Like everything else, even cloud computing has its own demerits like security and privacy concerns involved in surrender of one’s sensitive information to another company; ease of access from any location, risk of external attacks and technical issues such as network dysfunction etc. Thus the best thing to do is to understand the nature of your data before utilizing these services.


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