Windows has been the undisputed king of the computer world as far as platforms are concerned. The only competition it has got has been from Linux. Although Linux has been upgrading and developing, the sheer size of Windows users has made it the leader. There are many factors which have resulted in making windows a better platform than Linux.


We all have grown up on windows and we all will agree that it is a very easy to use. We all have become so familiar with Windows, that switching to another platform seems very tedious. This has worked against Linux which is a bit more complex to the eye.


With its huge market share, Windows has ensured that almost every tech product which comes in the market is compatible with it. Linux however on the other hand has not many takers as far as software and hardware manufacturers are concerned. Windows are pre loaded while Linux has to be loaded. Almost all drivers and hardware are manufactured keeping in sync with Windows while such cannot be said about Linux.

Better Support

Windows has a much better customer support system than Linux. Windows has a huge customer care department along with executives who cater especially to the businesses which are its major clients. On field Windows has a much better customer care staff where Linux doesn’t even come close.

More Software

Windows has more software as compared to Linux. Starting from MS Office, which is an essentiality these days, to compatible softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Sony Vegas.

Better Gaming

With gaming a huge business in today’s times, Windows scores ahead with compatibility to more gadgets used for gaming than Linux. Hardware companies make gaming products especially keeping in mind Windows users.

All in all, Windows has a big lead over Linux, which might find it almost impossible to catch up with Windows keeping in mind its huge market share.


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