Windows XP and Windows 8.1 shone and won in January


Old is gold, Windows XP, the 13-year-old veteran simply will not accept death and defeat at the hands of Windows 8.1. Windows XP is the best and has gained love and respect since it came. This January Windows 8.1 gained immense popularity and almost pulled Windows XP down. However Windows XP resisted much and run parallel with Windows 8.1. This January statistics revealed that Windows XP will not sink like that of the Titanic. The operating system (XP), according to Net Applications rose from 28.98 percent (in the month December, last year) to 29.23 (in January) in the percentage point of the shares of the operating systems.

 Microsoft is bit apprehensive because of the end of Windows XP may mean that the PCs get vulnerable and prone to unprotected elements. Though the candle is yet not snuffed, yet the curtains will fall sooner or later. XP lovers, prepare for a farewell.


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