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Why WordPress is better than Joomla


While deciding for best open source CMS, we have two big names in our minds, namely WordPress and Joomla. Determining the better one is a tricky choice. Let’s compare these two platforms to decide why WordPress is better than Joomla:

  1. Popularity

WordPress has a total market share of 55.1%, while Joomla has only 8.8%. WordPress is highest used CMS across the globe, which gives it a plus over Joomla.

  1. Community and Support

The WordPress community always seems more dedicated to answer your questions than Joomla’s. it makes working on WP more comfort.

  1. User Interface

WordPress has a much cleaner, slicker UI than Joomla. The difference lies in the user interface. However, as powerful CMSs go, WordPress is as pretty as they come.

  1. Plugins and Extensions

At present, Joomla has over 6,000 extensions from the Joomla Extension Directory. WordPress Plugins number approximately 24,000. WordPress plugins possess a few advantages over Joomla plugins such as Easier to setup and install on the site, Wider selection and plugin browsing ability, Greater capability & power of plugins and Simplicity.

  1. SEO

Onsite optimization of a Joomla site is a headache compared to the ease of a WordPress site. It is an accepted fact that Joomla is not an SEO-friendly CMS. Suffice it to say that WordPress is the superior CMS for easy and effective SEO.

  1. Cost

WordPress is less expensive than its counterpart. Generally, Joomla costs $2,400 – 20,000 for setup and $500 ongoing monthly. On the other hand, WordPress costs $1,000 – $15,000 for setup and $250 ongoing monthly.


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