An action straight out of a sci-fi movie is no longer a distant dream, if we believe the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. According to him, Amazon Prime Air would use drone like octocopters to make deliveries within 30 minutes of having placed an order. However, Bezos has also stated that this idea might take a couple of years to become reality.

How this will actually work is pretty simple. Unmanned aircraft’s, called ‘drones’ will pick up parcels from the nearest Amazon distribution sites and deliver them to the purchasers within a radius of 10 miles. Can the deliveries be any prompt then this? Initially the load will be not more than 5 pounds, which is the weight of around 86% of Amazon’s present deliveries.

However, it is easier said than done. United States Federal Aviation Administration needs to chalk out and approve Amazon’s flight plans. Besides, there are many practical problems which these ‘octocopters’ might face.  For instance, a drone traveling a 10 mile radius usually has its batteries wear out within 30 minutes and with a load on it, you can be the judge. Moreover, the drones will have to fly at a height of at least 300 feet to avoid people stealing the parcels by knocking off the drones. Weather is another concern as drones are not that comfortably maneuvered in cloudy and snowy conditions.

With Domino and even Burrito toying with the idea of drone deliveries, we sure should expect some busy skies.


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