A World Wide Web of humans, not wires


The change in the internet world is so rapid; it is nothing less than a revolution. New technologies are emerging every day and most of them are quite important and usable in daily life. Be it science or be it culture anything is hard to be differentiated for the internet these days. Due to globalization and the rapid change in the technology sector most of the people are already attached to this global virtual network and many people from various part of the world are being a part of this system every day. The new academic thesis is being written on this phenomenon and many scientists are working on this growth of the information technology sector.

There are many subjects are being developed every day in search of further development in various fields. Data mining is one of the most popular and rapidly expanding sectors in this domain. From an economic perspective internet has opened the market. International trade has become much easier and small and cottage industries have gotten their fair chance to promote their business via the internet which is one of the most important things for the whole economic setup. The internet has brought people from various part of the world and also from various professions together and has opened a new prosperity for human kind.


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