Yelp to help Yahoo on searches, reports the Wall Street


Yahoo searches will be helped by Yelp. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer revealed it on Friday. The report was carried by the Wall Street Journal. The journal revealed that the search results will have listings and reviews from Yelp. Both Apple and Microsoft have been with such deals with Yelp. Now it is Yahoo’s turn. The CEO seems obsessed with taking Yahoo at its zenith of success. Improving the search option seems to be her prime motive. Mayer is bent upon providing the best of search results and Yelp shall help.

Following the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft should be helpful to take Yahoo to the next level. Yahoo is sailing on an amount of around $5 billion in its annual sales reading. Yet the competition should be tougher because Apple and Microsoft are simply the best. Will Mayer’s endeavor to take Yahoo at the next level will be met with success or not, only the interest of the users shall reveal.


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