YouTube gifts its users more manageable and easier playlists


YouTube is back and this time with some changes in its layouts that will make playlist more manageable and easy to operate. YouTube has always made things simpler for its users. The playlist have undergone sea change. All YouTube visitors will be greeted by this change which is quite similar to its apps on the mobile. Thus, simplicity is the new mantra. On visiting the site, the visitors will find that the interface is now aligned centrally and three-lined icon is placed adjacent to the logo. YouTube is making things simple and more accessible for the visitors.

 There are some modifications made to the playlists too. At present, the personal playlists have got an excellent editing screen. Just click on the Like button placed next you your favorite items (for example video playlists), you will find the playlist added to your collection. YouTube is YouTube, the only one of its kind.


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