Why YouTube is so popular


YouTube is one of the most popular and visited websites on the internet. There are many other websites which work the same way as YouTube does, still YouTube is much more popular than those. So the question is, why YouTube is so popular? Here are a few reasons:

1. One of the main reasons is that you can watch and post your videos free of cost. There are thousands of people who love doing silly things and capturing them. Then they want the world to see what they have done. YouTube has become a hub of the same. You can find innumerable videos exposing this hidden talent of the people.

2. Another reason is, YouTube is for those who have missed the live telecast of their favourite program. You can watch any program at any instance, without any restriction.

3. Third one, the videos posted on YouTube remains their till eternity. YouTube has a policy of never removing a video. Therefore, you can watch a video which was uploaded some years ago.

4. YouTube has become a great tool for marketers. It doesn’t only entertain you, but it brings you business.

5. You can even use the YouTube videos on your website and your blogs, simply by using the URL. Embedding the videos is nowhere so easy.

5. You can set the privacy of your videos on YouTube. If you want your videos are watched by only selected people, you can do this.

These are some reasons behind the popularity of YouTube. There are many more reasons which make YouTube one of the most popular website on internet.


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